What is HEXA?

Hello, Human! Say hi to HEXA.

HEXA is a six-legged robot designed to handle all sorts of terrain. You can write programs (called Skills) to control HEXA and also control the robot by using your mobile device as a remote.

We like to think of HEXA as the "living being." It can dance, climb, cross gaps, crawl, and more.

Here are some of the features that HEXA provides:

  • 3 axis accelerometer to stay balanced

  • distance sensor to detect objects

  • infrared sensor for night vision

You can find out more about HEXA's internals on our Hardware page.

We believe in an open robot for everyone to use and develop on. That's why the MIND SDK is open source. You can find more information on our GitHub. Check out our development section to learn how to create your first skills on HEXA.

HEXA runs on the MIND OS, which is our Linux-based OS for robotics. This makes it easy for developers to customize HEXA.

We provide a thriving community of robot developers to help you build, test, and distribute your skills. This is accomplished through the Developer Bridge and the HEXA Skill Store.

The skill store functions like an "app store" for robot skills and here you can share your functions and try out skills that others have developed.

Ready to learn more about HEXA? Read on. We'll go over things in stages.