What can I do with HEXA?

What can HEXA do?

A lot of things, actually. Here are just a few examples us and our Human Mentors put together:

We have a library of Example Skills for you to get started with.

All you need is an idea, a HEXA, and the MIND SDK.

You can find applications from other developers on the Skill Store, and even publish your own once you're ready.


Hardware Control

The Robot part of our SDK allows you to control the hardware on HEXA. The MIND SDK provides APIs to abstract common tasks (such as moving the limbs), but allows you as a developer complete control of the robot. We have functions at varying levels of granularity for this purpose. Robot code for the HEXA is written in the Go programming language.

Remote Control

The Remote part of the MIND SDK is used for transmitting data between mobile devices and robots. It works over a local network as well as over the internet. The SDK will find the fastest path between your device and robot (local or WiFi) and establish a communication channel with a unified programming interface.

Remote applications are stored on your mobile device and are written in JavaScript.


You can run multiple applications on the HEXA simultaneously without affecting other applications or hardware resources.