Vincross Inc. developed the MIND operating system to run on the HEXA robot. Based on Linux, it supports basic functionality for robots such as controlling peripherals and scheduling tasks. Your applications created with the MIND SDK sit on top of MIND OS.

MIND Server

The MIND Server contains services provided by Vincross. It helps enable communication between your mobile device and robot.


The MIND SDK is what you, the developer, will be working with most often. It contains the necessary libraries and packages to develop applications for HEXA.

You can find installation instructions for the MIND SDK in our development section.

There are two parts of the MIND SDK:

  • Robot -- The robot part of the SDK allows your application to control the robot.
  • Remote -- The remote part of the SDK allows you to transmit data between your mobile device and the HEXA robot. In this way, you can use your phone as a "remote control" for HEXA.