Hardware Diagrams

Here are all the parts and pieces that come with your new HEXA:

  • HEXA Robot
    • Head shell
    • Distance measuring sensor
    • Infrared transmitter
    • Camera
    • Hardware interfaces
      • USB
      • Audio line in/out (3.5mm)
      • I²C
      • ADC
      • GPIO
      • 5V/3.3V power output
    • Signal light
  • Charging Dock
  • AC/DC Adapter

HEXA Inventory

Hardware Interfaces

If you remove HEXA's head shell, you can see the hardware interfaces more clearly:

HEXA's Legs

When you turn HEXA upside-down, you can see the power button and charger socket. This diagram shows the correct numbering of the legs, which stay the same even if the head rotates.

Range of Motion

Each of HEXA's legs has a wide range of motion, which you can see defined in the diagrams below. In this diagram, the three joints are at 90, 90, and 45 degrees, respectively.

Leg and Body Coordinates

The legs and body are tracked using a Cartesian coordinate system based on the diagrams below.

Additionally, the body-coordinates follow the direction of the camera, as opposed to the ground-coordinates. The ground-coordinates will not change when the camera rotates.