Older Windows

First things first: you'll need a HEXA.

Got one? Good. Read on.

Install Docker Toolbox

Vincross uses Docker in order to manage the SDK libraries and dependencies. Doing it this way means you don't have to install a bunch of things on your system, and you can update your environment with one command. If you don't have Docker installed, do so now. Follow these installation instructions if you need help.

If your Windows is 64bit Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise or Education (1511 November update, Build 10586 or later), use 64bit Windows 10 version is recommended. See requirements for details.

MIND Command-line Interface

The MIND command-line interface is where you can update your environment, initialize skills, build your packages, connect to your HEXA, and more.

  1. Download the Windows Version of MIND.

  2. Copy mind.exe into your PATH.

  1. Start Docker Quickstart and execute mind upgrade. This will pull the latest dependencies from Docker. The first time you run this, it might take a while.

  2. Open VirtualBox Settings and forward port TCP/8888 and TCP/7597. (Windows Firewall may pop up asking for permission to open these ports. Be sure you confirm access.)

Now you will be able to use mind from Docker Quickstart.

Finally, you'll need to configure mind to use your Developer Bridge account.

$ mind login <youremail> <yourpassword>

Your First Skill

After you've initialized the mind CLI, you can start creating your first Skill.