More Example Skills

You can find our example skills on GitHub, and each of them are described here.

  • SensorWalkSkill - SensorWalkSkill makes the HEXA to walk forward and change direction when encountering obstacles. We go through the details of developing this skill in our Tutorial.
  • MoveLegsSkill - MoveLegsSkill makes the HEXA to move its front right leg up and down and front left leg in a circle. This will help you reference different ways you can move HEXA's joints and limbs.
  • BalanceSkill - BalanceSkill makes the HEXA keep its balance when standing on an unstable surface. You could also try to hold the HEXA’s feet with your hands.
  • SightSkill - SightSkill makes the HEXA react to what’s in front of it by comparing images captured from the camera. You can use this as a starting point for other computer vision applications.
  • PeripheralsSkill - PeripheralsSkill implements a skill that shows how to use the peripherals interface.
  • OpenCVSkill - OpenCVSkill is an example project showing how to cross-compile C++ libraries and bind them to Golang for Skill development. This Skill makes the HEXA stand up when it detects human faces.
  • ROSSkill - ROSSkill implements a Skill that shows how to publish images to an ROS topic via rosserial.