Developer Bridge

The Developer Bridge is your "dashboard" where you can build and test HEXA skills.

Here's what the Developer Bridge looks like when you first log in. Any announcements will be displayed on the home page, and you will notice there are two sections: Skill and Test Skill.

From the Developer Bridge, you can upload your packages to the Skill Store, test them out, and add details and description. You can also customize your profile.


The Skill menu is where you can see all the Skills you have currently created. This is also where you will go to submit your Skills to the Skill Store.

When your Skill is in the store and people start downloading it, you can track how many downloads your Skill has from here as well.

You can create a new Skill from here, view details of your existing Skills, or look at how many sales each has gotten on the store.

Test Skill

Sometimes when you're testing a new Skill, you want to send it to a friend or colleague, but you don't want it to be public on the Skill Store just yet. That's what the Test Skill section is for. You can upload a Test Skill and generate a link that can be accessed by your collaborators. This way, they can try out the Skill and make comments without going through the rigorous Skill Store review process.

How to use Test Skill:

  1. Create and upload a Test Skill using 'Create Test Skill'. Upload the .mpk package to the Skill's details page.

  2. Each Test Skill will be assigned with a test link in the form of a QR code. When you're ready, select 'Turn on.'

  3. Anyone with the test link can view and install the Skill on their HEXA.

  4. To update the Skill content, click "Edit Skill" button to upload a new package or edit the Skill description.

  5. If you want to stop sharing the test Skill, click the "Turn off" button, and the test link will no longer be accessible.


To edit your Developer Profile, you need to navigate to your name in the top navigation bar, then select 'Account.'

Select 'Edit' to change your first name, last name, or website