import "mind/core/framework/skill"

Package skill provides an interface to be implemented by the robot part of a Skill.

This function must be implemented in your skill package:

func NewSkill() skill.Interface


func SkillDataPath

func SkillDataPath() (string, error)

Get skill's data path on robot.

type Base

type Base struct{}

struct Base implements the base Skill interface

func (*Base) OnClose

func (b *Base) OnClose()

func (*Base) OnConnect

func (b *Base) OnConnect()

func (*Base) OnDisconnect

func (b *Base) OnDisconnect()

func (*Base) OnRecvJSON

func (b *Base) OnRecvJSON(data []byte)

func (*Base) OnRecvString

func (b *Base) OnRecvString(data string)

func (*Base) OnStart

func (b *Base) OnStart()

type Interface

type Interface interface {
    OnStart()            // Called when Skill is started.
    OnConnect()          // OnConnect is called when robot has connected to remote.
    OnClose()            // OnClose is called when Skill is closed. You have 1 second to do clean up before Skill is force terminated.
    OnRecvJSON([]byte)   // OnRecvJSON is called when remote send JSON data to robot. Use json.Unmarshal to parse.
    OnRecvString(string) // OnRecvString will be called when remote send string data ro robot.
    OnDisconnect()       // OnDisconnect is called when remote disconnected from robot.

Interface must be implemented in every skill.

type Robotinfo

type Robotinfo struct {
    Battery     float32 `json:"battery"`     // Battery is during 0~1 and 1 means the battery is full of power.
    Temperature float32 `json:"temperature"` // The unit of temperature is centigrade.
    DiskSpace   uint64  `json:"disk_space"`  // The unit of diskspace is byte(B).
    IsCharging  bool    `json:"is_charging"`
    SN          string  `json:"sn"`
    Nickname    string  `json:"nickname"`
    Owner       string  `json:"owner"`
    Version     string  `json:"version"`

Robotinfo is the information of robot.

func RobotInfo

func RobotInfo() (Robotinfo, error)

Function RobotInfo is used to get the robot's information.